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Increasing the number of monthly sessions
from organic traffic by 475%
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Badger is an online store of original sportswear and footwear, which presents such global brands as Adidas, Reebok, Puma and others.


Organisation the steady stream of organic traffic to increase the number of leads.

The main problems we faced

  1. A wide unsystematic assortment of goods;
  2. Low uniqueness content;
  3. Lack of competent filtering;
  4. A huge number of technical errors, and as a result — non-indexed pages;
  5. Pandemic, quarantine, and as a result, a drop in demand.

What was done

Interface and usability:

1. Analysis of the interface

main problems that could arise when using the site by the end user were identified and solved;

2. Improved product cards

A number of interface elements have been optimized:

  • Added a slider for more convenient photo switching;
  • Added a slider with browsing history;

3. Redesigned home page

This made it possible to make faster access to all important categories of the site, reduce page load time, and also, thanks to the tile-based interface, simplify navigation for users.


4. Reorganized the checkout page

After analyzing the data, a significant loss of the users was revealed at the stage of ordering. Thanks to the optimization of the checkout logic, it was possible to increase the conversion by 22%.

5. Improved usability for mobile devices: filters have been redesigned.

Since the main traffic goes through a mobile device (70.3%), it was decided to improve the adaptation of the filter system for the mobile version. Thus, the filters began to appear in a pop-up window, and not stretched across the page, which made working with them more convenient and flexible.



  1. Technical SEO audit;

  2. Further optimization and elimination of the main errors identified during the audit;

  3. Installation of canonical links;

  4. Implementation of human-readable URLs for pages;

  5. Reducing page nesting;

  6. ALT-tag autogenerator for images;

  7. Snippets autogenerator for goods;

Considering that products are updated automatically, it was decided to create a snippet auto-generator for each product, which saves time and resources.

  1. SEO-optimized texts writing for categories;

  2. Writing SEO articles using LSI keys for the blog.


Increasing number of unique monthly users from organic traffic by 471%

Increasing number of monthly sessions from organic traffic by 475%

Increasing number of leads by 201%

As well as the site lead conversion improving by 157%

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