Contextual Advertising and Display Network

20 years ago, hardly anyone imagined how fast the Internet space would develop. Now about half of the world's population — 3.8 billion people, to be precise, — use the Internet daily. They send messages, have fun, look for answers to questions, and most importantly — they look for what and where to buy. About a third of all requests that Google processes every day are related to the purchase of products and services. But how to stand out among the whole crowd of people who want to get customers? The answer is simple — contextual advertising.

What is contextual advertising and the Display Network

Contextual advertising and the Display Network help you to appear first in the issue and constantly remind customers about your products when they visit other sites, watch videos or play games.

Contextual advertising is a paid advertisement that users see first by entering a search query. Such advertising campaigns are configured using the Google Adwords tool for the Google and Yandex.Direct for Yandex search engine. They look as follows:


Depending on the settings of the advertising campaign, your contextual advertising ads may be displayed to users in accordance with their interests, Internet behavior and key queries.

The Display Network is a variety of ads in the format of text, video or graphics that are placed on more than 2 million sites and applications, unlike contextual advertising, which is visible only in search results. Yandex and Google ads on the display network cover more than 90% of Internet users worldwide*.
* Source: Comscore.

Display Network: Examples:


YouTube advertising


Advertising on the website


In-app advertising

Types of contextual advertising

Search advertising. Text ads in Google or Yandex search results.

Display Network campaigns. Advertising on sites, in applications and on other resources of partners of Google and Yandex advertising systems.

Smart banners in Yandex.Direct. These are dynamic content ads. They are formed according to the interests of the user based on the feed (a file that contains information about the assortment of products).

Google shopping campaigns (Google Shopping). The format of these shopping campaigns is suitable for e-commerce sites. It allows to advertise products in the form of attractive cards with an image and price. Learn more about setting up Google Shopping shopping campaigns here.

Advertising in Yandex.Direct mobile appications and universal campaigns for mobile applications in Google Ads.

Yandex search banner. It is located to the right of the search results as an image.

Video advertising. Can be posted both on sites and on a YouTube platform.

The benefits of contextual advertising


Flexibility of advertising campaign settings

And various opportunities to find your target audience


Free web analytics systems

They allow to analyze campaigns in order to clearly understand whether investment in advertising pays off and what profit they bring


Quick return on investment

The action of contextual advertising begins immediately after its placement

Contextual advertising: Prices

The cost of contextual advertising is calculated using the PPC (pay-per-click) model, that is, you only pay for clicks on ads (read website clicks). The minimum cost per 1 click in Google Adwords is $ 0.01; Yandex.Direct — 0.3 rubles.

What does setting up contextual advertising include?

Advertising account audit

We check your current settings (if you have already run advertising), we find probable errors and shortcomings

Competitor analysis

We study the market situation in order to offer you the best promotion strategy

Keyword and query matching

We analyze search queries and select the ones that are right for you

Setting up contextual advertising

A set of actions and settings


We constantly monitor and improve the settings to give you the best result

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