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Vladimir Gimburg is the founder and owner of the GURU DAS SPA massage studio (Riga, Latvia). Created his own massage technique based on 18 world techniques.


To increase the position of the site in organic results of Google, and due to this increase the number of requests and appointments for massage.

What was done:

1) SEO audit of the resource was carried out
2) Analysis of the niche and its competitors
3)  A semantic core, which will be emphasized
4) The interface of the site is completely redone taking into account audit data
5) Optimization of resource loading speed for both desktop and mobile versions
6) Connecting the site to GoogleAnalytics and adding SearchConsole
7) A blog was created to increase traffic and expand keywords and phrases
8) A feedback form for making a massage appointment at any time of the day was added
9) Technical site optimization was carried out
10) All site errors identified during the audit were fixed
11) Monitoring the most frequently asked questions and topics about massage
12) Weekly creation of an article on a “hot” topic, followed by localization into English and Latvian.
13) Extension of the service catalog


The first month of work was devoted to a complete redesign of the site. Work on the SEO-optimization of the resource began in the second month of work. And in 2 months we have achieved significant website promotion in search results for keywords.

Which led to an increase in the appearance of a resource in search results:

And the number of clicks on the resource:

In Google’s organic search results already in 2 months we have reached the appearance of the site in the TOP 10 for priority key queries:


Позиции Guru Das Spa


Despite the fact that both targeting and contextual advertising were launched during this time, the lion's share of the traffic still falls on SEO (Organic Search):


2 months is still too short a period, because often the active growth of SEO begins after the third month of work. But despite this, already from the second month we managed to get in the TOP-10 and even overtake in the delivery sites-bulletin boards and aggregators, which often have more keywords.

You can read more about how and what we do to optimize the site here.


UPDATE. Data after six months of operation

Resource Visibility Metrics




Traffic shares


Position distribution

On the graph you can see how the percentage of key phrases that are in the TOP-10 grows over time. The number of TOP-20 + phrases is reduced, as these words occupy higher positions.



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