Identity Development

In 2013, McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain launched an ad without a logo. They felt that their identity is so recognizable that the absence of a logo will not affect the quality of perception of advertising. If you still can not boast of such, then it makes sense to think about translating your business ideas through visual content — about identity.

What is identity

Identity is a combination of all the visual components of a brand that create a single style and increase brand awareness. Simply put, identity is corporate style that has its own ideology, a unique concept and helps build the foundation of all the visual communications associated with your brand.

What does identity involve?

Brand identity includes all the components that can be used in communication with consumers.
This is your logo, corporate colors, corporate fonts, super graphics and more.

Then, after the development of the identity, you can also order souvenir products and other materials made in your style. It can be cups, bags, leaflets, pens, notebooks, business cards, catalogs, t-shirts and much more.

Why is it important to develop a corporate style

Creating an identity is mandatory for every business that wants to actively develop and be recognizable. This is a long-term perspective that will work on your image and help you put the brand on its feet.

Besides this, corporate identity also:

Forms perception. Whatever it is, a business card or flyer, an advertising banner or a corporate website — a uniform concept and style will help the consumer develop a brand perception, and it is very important that this style is close to him.

Increases brand awareness. Elements made in corporate colors and using the company logo significantly increase the indicator of brand awareness and memorability. One style will help consumers identify a specific brand faster. Remember what a Mc’Donalds sign, Starbucks logo or Louis Vuitton handbag is worth.

Improves marketing performance. The correct construction and use of corporate identity will play into your hands with any marketing activities, because the consumer will be able to single you out immediately among dozens of other competitors.

Corporate identity development is the foundation of any company that wants to create a successful image in the eyes of both consumers and competitors.

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