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200,000 subscribers in 26 days
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On a Telegram channel, collect 200,000 subscribers of real people in 30 days at a subscriber price of up to 5 rubles.


On day 26, we crossed the line of 200 thousand at a price of 3.5 rubles.

What was done

1. Definition and segmentation of the target audience

The audience was divided into 5 age groups (13-17, 18-22, 23-26, 27-30, 31-34), each with its own ads.

2. Creation and test of advertising creatives

We selected a recommendation through an Instagram survey. We overlaid well-known tracks on images and videos with excerpts from TV shows, clips, cartoons.

3. Continuous monitoring and moderation of the advertising campaign

A test of different creatives was conducted with the disconnection of less effective ones. Moreover, in permanent work there were at least 15 options in each age group (total 75 at the same time, yes).


The subscription price ranged from 1 ruble to 5.5. On average, we were able to keep the price for the entire period at the level of 3.7 rubles.


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