Strategy for the promotion
of products and services

A plan without action is useless; action without a plan is disastrous.

This phrase can describe any marketing activity or communication with customers on the network.

Therefore, before investing a lot of money, it would be wise to develop and approve an action plan.

Strategy for the promotion of products and services

The promotion and communication strategy is a step-by-step plan for implementing Internet marketing tools in business: from creating these tools to receiving applications or sales.

You need a website or social media promotion strategy if:


There is no understanding of what and how to do, and which approach will bring maximum profit


It is necessary to structure the data and get a clear plan of action


There are fears of wasting a budget on marketing

What does developing a strategy for promotion and communication include:

Analysis of competitors and their presence in different communication channels;

Development of competitive advantages;

Positioning development;

Building a communication scheme with a client and a sales funnel;

Estimation of recommended costs;

Analysis of probable weak and strong points in the client’s path;

Development of a step-by-step implementation plan;

Identification of KPI.

Thus, we create complete transparency in your structure of Internet marketing, an understanding of the processes and methods of quality control.

In the end, you get an understanding of:


Information about what will happen in the near future with your company on the network


How and due to what you will be able to receive new applications and sales


How and what to control in the structure of your online marketing


How long will the “buildup” take and when can you reach the peak (especially important for seasonal businesses)

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