Search Engine Optimization

How do we search for information? "Okey, Google" or "Siri, find on Google."

Thus, it is the search engine that is one of the most reliable sources of traffic for the "warm" customers, ready for purchase. The fastest way to get into the TOP is to buy contextual advertising, but in this case you pay for each click on your ads, which is sometimes extremely unprofitable. An alternative to this approach is website promotion using SEO.

Promotion and SEO website promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complete set of actions that helps your potential customers quickly find you in the search results of Google and Yandex.

The main goal of SEO promotion is to increase traffic and website visibility in the search engine. And as a result — attracting new potential customers and increasing conversions.

The main advantage of this website promotion is that you do not have to pay for each visitor, as is the case with contextual advertising. All your consumers will find you for free.

What does SEO website promotion include

Integrated SEO site audit

Full technical and internal audit of the site. Detection of errors and recommendations for their elimination

Niche and competitor analysis

Monitoring competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Competition analysis

Development of technical specifications for optimization

Creation of technical tasks for programmers, content managers and designers

Semantic core collection

Identification and collection of the main keywords and phrases that determine the subject of the site. The semantic core will be the basis of your promotion and a guideline for which keywords your site will be ranked

Implementing recommendations and writing SEO articles

If you do not have specialists who could make corrections and write articles optimized for search engines using the Neural Matching algorithm, then we can completely take these responsibilities to our side

Link building

Building a strategy for link building and purchasing links

Promotion strategy and forecasting

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the resource. Building a SEO promotion strategy and forecasting results (minimum collaboration time — 6 months)

Reporting and analytics

Monthly report on the work done, as well as an analysis of the KPI.
Analytics of traffic growth and changes in the dynamics of positions (from the 2nd month of work).

Website promotion and SEO optimization is carried out individually. You can leave a request for SEO-audit and we will find all the main mistakes that impede your progress.

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What determines the price of SEO promotion and the timing of results



The amount of work and the time spent on optimizing the resource depends on the amount of competition. Accordingly, the price in highly competitive niches will be higher. In low-competitive niches, the result can be achieved much faster and you can see the first positive signs of growth after 2-3 months


Promotion region

Since we also work in foreign markets, we are familiar with competition in different promotion regions. For example, SEO promotion in Kazakhstan will work much faster than similar in Ukraine. Therefore, it is important to consider demand and potential growth in your region


Efficiency and willingness to complete tasks

The result of the work will depend on how quickly you make decisions and make changes to the site. Delaying with the introduction of changes is more trouble that it is worth


Current positions

If you have already carried out website promotion and currently occupy positions close to TOP, then you can achieve the desired results faster and cheaper


Search algorithms update

Search engines are very fond of making changes and complicating their site ranking algorithms. The number of changes will depend on the frequency of updates, which will entail additional time and money for the work


Number of promoted queries

The more high-frequency queries you want to promote, the more expensive and longer their SEO promotion will be


How much time does it take to see the result of a promotion?

First of all, you should remember that SEO is not about speed and instant results. The first positive trend after the implementation of recommendations can be seen after 2-3 months, depending on competition in the niche and seasonality. For a high-quality development of the site, you need at least 6 months of work.

What positions can be expected and how many phrases will be in the TOP?

After collecting the semantic core, we determine with what keywords you want to get into the TOP, how high-frequency they are and how long it will take to bring them to the first positions. Also, depending on how many keywords you want to put in the TOP-10, the price of the service will be formed.

What traffic will be?

The amount of estimated traffic is calculated individually for each project. It can be, like +20%, or +200%, since seasonality, demand and competition significantly affect the site usage.

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