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Organic traffic increase for 6 months by 1107%
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Alexander Makarovdentist, surgeon, prosthetist, owner of the Smile Office dental office (Riga, Latvia). It specializes in implantation, prosthetics, installation of veneers and crowns.


To increase the position of the site from scratch in the organic results of Google, and thereby increase the number of calls and patients.

What was done:

1) SEO audit of the resource;
2) Analysis of the niche and its competitors;
3) Monitoring of the main keywords (both high-frequency and low-frequency);
4) Created semantic core;
5) Improved website interface;
6) Optimized resource loading speed for both desktop and mobile versions;
7) An expert blog to increase traffic and expand keywords and phrases;
8) A feedback form for making appointments at any time of the day, as well as a CRM system for self-appointment;
9) Technical site optimization;
10) Implemented regular creation and placement of expert articles with answers to the most common questions in Russian, English and Latvian;
11) Monitoring and analysis of behavioral factors, improved structure in accordance with user needs.


Due to the fact that the resource is completely new, also taking in account high competition in the niche, the first signs of positive growth dynamics in the issuance began to appear 4 months after the start.


The lion's share of traffic is occupied by the SEO segment:


Also there was a positive dynamics of user increase on the site:


After 6 months of work, the resource has more than 30 key queries in the TOP-10 namely in the category of veneers and crowns.

The diagram below shows an increase in the concentration of key phrases:




Often, active SEO growth begins after the third month of work. For 6 months of work, the resource has in the TOP-10 more than 60 keywords in each language, in the TOP-20 more than 130 keywords.

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